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The right Rx at the right price for your patients

Legrande Health helps you provide the level of care that you want for your patients: better product options, better prices, and a better experience. That not only makes for happier and potentially healthier patients, it makes for a more efficient practice workflow.

Callbacks are reduced by up to 80%

We do all the work, from managing prior authorizations and appeals to finding the best price to arranging delivery. That means fewer callbacks and fewer hassles for your practice.

We do more to save your patients money

We explore every possible area of savings: pharmacy discounts, insurance reimbursements, manufacturer discounts, as well as alternative medications of your choosing that may be available at lower prices.

Our SmartRx TechnologyTM keeps you in control

With advanced technology, you’re assured that patients receive only the medications you prefer – prescription, specialty products, compounds, and OTC. Once we have your approved list, we match it with available dispensing pharmacies, so your patients get the prescriptions you want them to have.

Patients have a better experience

When you prescribe through Legrande Health, patients don’t need to call their insurance company or your office or face any surprises at the pharmacy. They’ll get the right medication at the right price, with no hassles. Plus, we personalize each delivery with instructions to help them achieve a better outcome.

How It Works

Step 1


Your first and only step!

Simply find LegrandeRx Pharmacy on your EMR and send us your patient’s Rx. Easy, convenient, and no change to your workflows.

Step 2


We use SmartRx Technology to match your prescription and find your patient a great price.

Step 3


We’ll have the prescription conveniently delivered to your patient or available for pickup from a local pharmacy.

We Offer a Full Range of Products*

*This list is not comprehensive. Not all manufacturers are not listed.

For Patients

Legrande Health Provides patients better treatment options at a better price, safely delivered right to their door.

For Pharmacies

Legrande partners with pharmacies who are committed to the highest level of service and care for patients. Click below to learn more about how to join our program.

For Manufacturers

Legrande partners with manufacturers providing
easy market access and great patient experiences
with their product.

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